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New 14-day online wellness program

Coming Soon

Well a Minute | Reset

is a 14-day online holistic wellness program that brings your body, mind and soul back to a happy place. The program guides you through the powerful yet gentle transformation through food, movement & mindfulness practices.

The program is designed to be integrated into any lifestyle, showing you the power of small daily steps.

You will be supported by a Certified Health Coach and your wellness community on your way towards happier and healthier You.

Well a Minute | Reset is not another diet, it is a program that gives you powerful instruments to take control of your own health and make better choices in the future.

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Come to your true feelings and senses through meditation, breathwork and other short (!) yet powerful practices.

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Stay on track with pre-made meal plans, easy-to-make recipes + get powerful tools to make a better-for-you food choices.

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Connect to your body through yoga & conscious movement - all practices are created to squeeze into your busy days and last no more than 25 minutes.

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Get the support on your journey from a Certified Health Coach and your wellness community - online & offline.

The program follows a holistic, approach to heal the mind, body, and soul.



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Healthy Weight 

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Inflammation .png
Mental health.png

 Mental Health

Energy & Focus


Main focus areas

Skin Health


How we spend our minutes is how we spend our days, how we spend our days is how we spend our lives…  So, let’s Well a Minute!

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Your Coach, O. Voytenko

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach |

Yoga Instructor | Wellness Entrepreneur

Professional sport, busy schedules, constant travels, stress, achievements, achievements, achievements… alI of the above at some point led me to digestion problems, adrenal fatigue, anxiety, cystic acne, hormonal imbalance.. list to be continued. Luckily, I was always curious about how my body works and didn’t trust those doctor’s prescriptions that were just a temporary solutions. My curiosity, patience and constant studies brought me from hellness to wellness with my own health, so I feel like it’s time to help others. My goal is to empower more people to live a healthier and happier life despite of life challenges and busy schedules.

Let’s get well TOGETHER with me! 

Enjoy my favorite:

● Short yoga & movement practices 
● Easy & balanced recipes 
● Community support online & offline
● Healthy & life-changing tips (science-backed!)
● Community wellness outings! 

I will go through this program TOGETHER with you and I promise, it will be a healthy, fun, joyful and powerful time!


With love, O.


Program Benefits

After the program you will:

feel better in your body

reduce inflammation

improve digestion

cultivate self-love

sleep better

boost energy

reduce stress and anxiety

feel happier

Additionally you will:

Learn how, when and what to eat to feel better & reduce cravings

What to eat to make your skin glow

How to make cooking super easy

Test meditations & breathing on yourself, learn how they can make you succeed

Learn how to choose products in grocery stores and what to eat out

& much more...

Remember, health is not a destination, it is a vehicle. Well a Minute | Reset will give you tools to drive your vehicle even after the program.

Choose your way to get well. 

We offer two packages - choose between online group & more individual in-person experience.

Basic Program




● Access to WAM online Platform
● Group guidance
● Community support in Telegram chat 
● Available worldwide

Extended Program

Online & in person


● Access to WAM online platform
● Group & individual guidance
● Community support in Telegram chat +

in-person aroma yoga class 
● Available only in Miami, FL - only 7 spaces

Compare two programs

Basic Program
Extended Program
Flexible 14-day Meal-Plan
Simple Healthy Recipes
Nutrition & Health-related Recommendations
Recorded Online Yoga, Meditation & Breathing Practices
Online Questionnaires to Explore Your Health
Daily Journal Template, Shopping List Template
Telegram Info Channel with Daily Tips & Support
Telegram Community Channel
Access to Well a Minute Online Platform
Discounts for O’s favorite wellness brands
1 in-person community yoga class & wellness brunch
1 individual one-hour health-coach consultation ($199 value)
Individual recommendations & support
30% discount for individual aroma-diagnostics with O.
Program Price

Still not sure if you should join?
Check our FAQ:

  • I don’t have time to cook and exercise, should I join the program?
    Most of us don’t! That is why the program was created with the idea of integrating it in our busy schedules. All physical and mindfulness practices take not more than 25 minutes, additionally, O. will share her secrets and tips on how to make cooking an easy, joyful and super quick process.
  • I am not in the USA, can I still join the program?
    Yes, of course! Our Basic Program is for everyone around the world. If you are not able to pay with your credit card or PayPal on our website, please contact and we will arrange another payment option for you. P.S.: there is an option to pay with Russian credit card.
  • I am traveling now, should I start the program?
    The goal of Well a Minute program is to incorporate wellness in your busy life. Plus you will have 1-month access to Well a Minute platform and lifetime access to our Info Telegram chat, so you can always catch up on something you missed after your travels. However, in Well a Minute community, we like to do everything without stress and discomfort, so if you think our program will just create more stress for you at this point, then wait until our next program!
  • I’ve never tried yoga in my life, can I join the program?
    It is a great time to start! Our yoga classes are great for all levels, we promise there will be not headstands or handstands in the program, you will not miss anything! We believe it is a great time to explore your body from a different angle!
  • Do you have another payment options?
    We accept credit & debit cards and PayPal, however if these options still do not work for you, please reach out to and we will find the way for you to join us!
  • I am a vegan/vegetarian, can I join the program?
    Yes, absolutely! The program and meal plans will have vegan/vegetarian options.
  • I want to get your Extended Program, is the private consultation online or offline?
    Whichever you prefer! If you are in Miami, we can definitely schedule offline consultation over a cup of matcha! The earlier you book your consultation the more available time slots you’ll have ;) Online schedule will be more flexible.
  • I am not in Miami, however I want to get your Extended Program! Can I do so?
    Absolutely! You will be able to get O’s private consultation and individual guidance, however you will miss our group gathering and offline aroma yoga. If it’s ok with you, so please join!
  • I really want to join the program, but my budget doesn’t allow me to do so.
    No worries, we completely understand, we all have been there! In Well a Minute, our goal is to make wellness attainable for all. Please shoot a message directly to O. at and she will provide you with affordable payment options!
  • I don’t have Telegram. Can I join the program without?
    We highly recommend you to download Telegram app (we promise you’ll never regret it!), since a lot of valuable information and the main support will be there! Telegram has a bunch of great tools to be used in chat, that is why we keep our Wellness conversation there. Additional advantage - it is super beneficial for our brain health to learn new things!
  • I would love to give this program as a gift, can I do so?
    Wow, we love that! Please reach out to and we will arrange a gift certificate for you!
  • Do you have Refer a Friend program?
    Yesss! We love growing our community! Bring a friend and you both will receive 15% discount. Please note, that it should be someone O. doesn’t know yet, and someone who hasn’t tried any practices (yoga, aroma & etc.) with her. When you both are ready to join, just shoot a message directly to O. or at, and we will send you a discount code. If you already purchased our Program and found a friend later, no worries, we will issue a refund in the amount of 15% discount!

Still have questions? No worries! Contact us at and we will get an answer ASAP!


Elena, Miami, USA

Hi O, thank you so much for this gastronomic motivation! 😁 I started to cook according your recommendations and I feel much lighter and calmer! 

Diana, Berlin, Germany

Dear O., I want to thank you for our health consultation🌸 I love the way you work and how you consider health and wellness as a complex issue - nutrition, physical activity, breathing and meditation, sleep, joy, love, gratitude, the way of thinking, nature, its beauty, and work as well. And I can say, you helped me to find my way for my better and healthier me.

You helped me to improve my nutrition during our mind and body detox camp in January. It changed my life. It’s been six months after we started and this is the longest period of time ever when I am so consistent with my nutrition not under the pressure but under the love and respect to my body. 

Svetlana, Moscow, Russia

I had such a busy and crazy day today, but did our online yoga when got home. I can’t explain how much I’m enjoying your classes! I haven't had this feeling of joy and lightness in a long time! ✨

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