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From Hellness to Wellness. In a Minute.

Well a Minute is a wellness platform for busy (and not) people. WAM is created to build a better relationship with your body, mind, soul, and others.

Our mission is to implement wellness & mindfulness into everyone’s daily life, one minute at a time. Well a Minute programs will show you that small daily steps lead to sustainable and lasting health results.

Currently, Well a Minute offers online and offline wellness programs that help you to start or continue your wellness journey. All suggestions and recommendations in our programs are backed by science and are given to you as a tool to explore your body and empower your inner healer. In Well a Minute, we believe in the concept “no one diet fits all”, and we support individual and holistic approach to health.

Well a minute is planning to grow:
step by step, minute by minute:


Wellness Programs - online & in person

Wellness Retreats - worldwide

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Online movement & mindfulness platform available every day for everyone - subscription basis

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Free of charge social media wellness platform with minute-practices

Collaborating with wellness professionals: healthcare practitioners, dietitians, movement instructors

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Conscious Food:

Creating better-for-you brands / Supporting organic farming

Offline wellness community studios: conscious cuisine, movement, mindfulnes, community.

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Well a Minute studios around the world

During its entire life Well a Minute will be focusing on giving back by supporting homeless kids and Nature.

If you wish to support Well a Minute movement, you can donate below. All money will go towards further WAM business growth. <3

If you wish to become an investor or collaborate with us, please send an email to

Support Well a Minute Movement


Thank you for your donation! It means the world for us! Let's create better and healthier world TOGETHER.

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